Combining hearts by connecting places: Love knows no distance – 7 locations, 4 countries, one company!


Moin Hamburg! Our headquarters is located in the heart of Hamburg, or as we love to call it: our Heartquarter. Discover now what our Hamburg location and the city of Hamburg have to offer.
Let’s discover Hamburg!

53° 22′ N | 10° 0′ E

New Hope

Hello New Hope! Welcome to our office on America’s east coast – in a small town in Pennsylvania, just over an hour’s drive from New York!
New Hope, here I come!

40° 22′ N | 74° 57′ W


Hallo Dresden! Discover our office in Dresden – right in the middle of the city, close to the best shopping facilities and the soothing Elbe River.
Off we go to Dresden!

51° 3′ 1 N | 13° 44′ 14 E


Hi Berlin! Welcome to Berlin and to our Berlin office. This is our most international and diverse office, where Team Love members from different teams come together to work on common ideas in an international atmosphere.
Show me more of Berlin!

52° 31′ N | 13° 24′ E

Los Angeles

Hello Los Angeles! Welcome to the City of Angels, and welcome to our Los Angeles office: a place with breathtaking views over all of LA and a happy space where all colleagues come in once a week – sometimes together with their dogs.
Take me to Los Angeles!

34° 3′ N | 118° 15′ W


Hiya London! Welcome to our London home office! Here we work 100% remotely and meet regularly in a co-working space that we book for team meetings whenever needed. We are connected to our other locations via Teams – creating limitless possibilities to work for love.
I’m curious!

51° 31′ N | 0° 7′ W


Hoi Amsterdam! Welcome to our office in the heart of Amsterdam’s Amstel district. Our small cozy office offers a great working atmosphere and an inspiring backdrop in one of the most beautiful areas of the city.
I’ll take a look at that!

52° 22′ N | 4° 53′ E

Flexible & hybrid working

We know the importance of flexibility in everyday working life and believe that any (long-distance) relationship works best if you see each other regularly. That is why we have defined a hybrid way of working: We offer all our employees the opportunity to work both in our Hamburg Heartquarter and at our other locations, as well as from their own home office. With Microsoft Teams, we have flexible access to all our work content – regardless of time and location.

Look forward to a flexible home office model that lets you and your team decide how often you want to see each other – so as a team you can define for yourself how you can be most productive.