• Los Angeles, CA, November 13, 2023

A revitalized visual identity and playfully honest ad creative underscore the brand’s commitment to helping daters “Get Who Gets You”

eharmony, the dating platform that has helped over 2 million people find real love, revealed a new ad campaign illustrating how it’s often the least romantic moments that make us feel closest to someone. It’s the cringingly vulnerable and refreshingly goofy moments that can make us feel the most loved and understood — when you’re with someone who really gets you. These are the moments when a partner shows just how well they know us, by anticipating our unique and quirky needs without our having to say a word.

eharmony collaborated with Party Land, an award-winning comedy agency known for its irreverent, convention-breaking work, to develop the campaign. A series of humorous yet intimate vignettes — directed by Emma Seligman, known for the films Bottoms (2023) and Shiva Baby (2020) — tell offbeat stories of seemingly small moments that become aspirational by having a partner who understands and celebrates the passions, quirks and vulnerabilities that make you who you are. Like mourning the death of a beloved plant, being serenaded after a tough day at work, discovering a pimple in the bathroom mirror, and being covered in the warmth of freshly dried laundry. Cinematographer Maria Rusche, a frequent collaborator with Seligman, helped bring the warm and sincere creative concepts to life.

“At eharmony, we aim to help our members express their personality and individuality so they can make genuine connections where they feel comfortable being themselves,” said Patrick Moore, Brand Lead at eharmony. “Our new campaign offers a glimpse into the seemingly non-romantic, everyday moments that reveal the best part of relationships: feeling comfortable being yourself. We’re proud that this campaign continues our efforts to reflect a broader range of what real love looks like to the diversity of individuals who make up our member community.”

The campaign is grounded in eharmony’s “Get Who Gets You” brand platform, which highlights the authentic connections that eharmony facilitates for its members. By showcasing that the best and healthiest relationships feel freeing rather than restricting, eharmony aims to redefine the narrative around modern dating. The campaign content embraces the idea that true connection stems from understanding one another on a deeper level. It bridges the gap between deep emotional connections and the tangible moments of everyday life, highlighting the extraordinary within the ordinary.

The results of a recently commissioned eharmony survey underscore the genuine connection today’s daters crave:

  • When looking for a relationship, U.S. respondents want someone to laugh with (40%) and be their whole self with (38%).*
  • Respondents are seeking a relationship with someone who makes life more fun (64%), to share the small moments with (54%), and who “helps me be a better version of myself” (54%).*
  • A quality connection = a meaningful connection. 41% of respondents say what makes a quality person on a dating app is “if they’re honest or upfront with me,” 35% “if they take the time to get to know me” and 31% “if their personality comes through.”*

“There’s honesty and genuineness in the eharmony brand that just doesn’t exist in the rest of the category. So we wanted the campaign to feel radically honest, which meant zeroing in on the private, sometimes weird relationship habits that our audience can identify with and feel inspired by, and that other dating companies don’t tackle. Single people are looking for someone who truly gets them. They want to be seen and understood. They’re also looking for someone to have a laugh with, so we leaned into humor to punctuate those moments,” said Natalia Fredericks, Creative Director, Party Land. 

One of the campaign’s unique strengths lies in its disarming, lighthearted approach to vulnerability. By inviting individuals to share in these authentic moments, eharmony fosters an environment where openness and genuine connection flourish. This campaign sets the stage for a community that celebrates individuals for being true to themselves, rather than rushing to conform to societal expectations. eharmony’s vision is clear: encouraging authentic self-expression and nurturing relationships founded on deep understanding and acceptance. 

Additionally, eharmony is rolling out a new visual identity, further underscoring the evolution of the brand. eharmony’s updated branding will include a bold, contemporary wordmark, a fresh, modern color palette, and a minimalist icon that evokes the types of connections eharmony creates. The brand’s approach to imagery will continue the same candid, cinematic spirit captured in its latest ad campaign. 

The campaign will be multi-channel: airing on a variety of top television networks, as well as streaming platforms such as Hulu, Tubi and PlutoTV. The ads will air in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. The campaign will be supported through digital and social media, and podcast advertising.

About Party Land

Party Land is an independent, full-service creative agency that creates unignorable, convention-breaking campaigns for marketers who believe in the power of turning audiences into fans. Founded in 2018, Party Land has quickly grown into a top comedy agency in the U.S. and has been recognized as an Ad Age Small Agency of the Year, an Adweek Breakthrough Agency of the Year finalist, and an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private company. The agency has earned broad recognition for their ability to make fun work that works. Learn more at https://www.partyland.co/

*This data is from an eharmony study conducted by Harris Interactive from May to June 2023 and surveyed 1,600 U.S. respondents. Participants qualified if they were aged 18-65 and were either single, married, cohabiting, or in a relationship.